The New Way to support. pledge. give.

When it comes to philanthropy, there are many different causes to which people devote themselves: foster youth, homelessness, education, developing countries, and many more! And there are numerous organizations committed to impacting each different cause. The 100 Companies Who Care is about supporting and empowering the organizations and individuals that are positively impacting our community here in Orange County and in countries all around the world. Please join us in helping to make a difference!

What Happens When We Meet?

Each member of 100 Companies Who Care is committed to donating $1000 to charity each quarter. Once per quarter The 100 Companies Who Care gather together to hear from three different non-profit organizations. After each one gives a short presentation, there is a Q & A time and then the group votes on which organization they pledge to support. The charity that receives the most votes will receives 80% of the funds granted, while the other two will receives 10% each.

Our History