There are three different types of members: businesses, individuals, or groups. Businesses can be represented by the business owner, or a specified representative. Individuals can become members if they are willing to contribute at the same level. Groups of people (whether part of a company or not) can contribute together towards a membership; however, there would only be one “vote” per membership.

Yes, all donations are tax deductible. Donation receipts will be provided by Global Impact, which is a licensed 501(c)(3).

Yes, use the following instruction for donation by check:
Pay to the order of: GLOBAL IMPACT

Attn: Growfund
1199 North Fairfax Street Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314

MEMO Line: GROWFUND, 100 Companies Who Care

Please send personal email information with the donation, if you would like to receive notification that your check was received. If your contact information does not accompany the check, a tax slip will be mailed to you as notification that funds were deposited.

Checks take 1-2 weeks to be processed.

The additional $50 per quarter goes toward covering the cost of the events.

Yes! Making a donation for the entire year ($4200) is preferable.

In order for a non-profit to be selected to present, the organization will need to be nominated by a member of 100 Companies Who Care. Each member can nominate one organization per meeting.

The charities are selected by a random draw. After each meeting, three organizations will be randomly selected to present at the next meeting, which will be announced in advance of the meeting via email. Once the three charities have been selected, the nominations are thrown out, and the pool of prospective organizations will start fresh every meeting.

Each member can only nominate one charity per meeting. However, you can choose to nominate a different charity each meeting.

There is a two-year selection cycle. Once a charity has been selected to present, that organization cannot be selected again for two years, regardless of whether or not the charity wins.

Each charity must be a licensed 501(c)(3)
The charity must be locally BASED. This means it can be an organization that is headquartered in Orange County but provides services outside of Orange County, OR it can be a local chapter of a large national charity.
Charities cannot provide politically controversial services (e.g. Planned Parenthood, the National Rifle Association, etc.).
Faith-based charities are allowed, but charities focused on a specifically religious cause are not allowed. For example, a faith-based organization that provides food for the homeless is allowed, but an organization that focuses on spreading religious beliefs or converting people to a certain religion is not allowed.

While attendance is expected for all members, it is inevitable that some members will not be able to attend 100% of meetings. However, the quarterly donation is still expected, even if a member is not in attendance. This means that the member’s vote will not be accounted for at that particular meeting.

Members who are unable to attend can send a proxy, and that person can vote on behalf of the member. However, the person needs to be designated in advance of the initial meeting.